Jack and Zed Save the Day

by Jennie Jewell & Mark Holley

It’s been a while since Zed and Oron completed their first mission on Planet Earth and Zed is just desperate for another adventure.  When he sees a little boy in trouble he is determined to find out what’s wrong and do what he can to help.  Before you can blink he is streaking through the sky – all on his own!

Jack is kicking a ball in the school yard and, understandably, very surprised to see a small Alien hovering near his head.  He soon realises that small as he is, Zed is great fun to be around and quite inspiring when it comes to getting things done.

Will Zed manage to complete this mission without another mishap?
Will Oron’s confidence in him be rewarded?
Will Jack learn that size really doesn’t matter?

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