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If when it comes to story time, they always choose the ones that rhyme…

about our books

Welcome to our delightfully engaging rhyming stories for children. Short, entertaining and relatable with bright and beautiful illustrations, they are written to make story time fun for everyone.

There are just so many benefits of reading rhyme to young children in terms of language development; pronunciation, learning about patterns and sequences, increasing their vocabulary, (rhyme actually makes learning new words easier) – and listening skills, to name a few. But best of all and most of all – rhyme is such fun, both to read and to hear, and rhyming stories are a great way to introduce children to the wonderful world of words!

These are our first titles but there are many more to come. The Sonny and Amber stories have a delicious twist at the end and the clever, comical Guardian Aliens will inspire children to care for our wonderful world.

Our Books

Hi! I’m Jennie and I have always loved working with words. (And Mark of course!)
Hi! I’m Mark and I have a passion for painting, drawing, designing and illustrating.

The Adventures of Drip The Drop

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